What do you notice?

The ants are under our patio again, and their excavations have left sand near the garage door. Eating my lunch, I watch a flock of sparrows descend to enjoy some boisterous dust baths. I’m glad I didn’t sweep away the sand.

When I burnt out, I learned to listen to my body and notice what was going on. Today the NERVA app tells me not to notice my IBS symptoms too much to avoid focusing on them. I’ve asked D and E to help me. They are not to mention when I am bloated or burping. It makes me wonder if I need to step back from thinking about my health in a wider sense. I probably do spend a lot of time thinking about it. So, I need to notice the positives and not fixate on the negatives. Easier said than done on some days isn’t it?

Today is the first day of June, and I’m using the beginning of the month to pick out three small wonders of nature from the previous month.

Bluebells in Pods Wood, Tiptree
  • We go for a short drive to find the bluebells. Since we last walked these paths, the green carpet has turned blue and up above, the fresh and luscious beech leaves have emerged to decorate the wood. My spirits soar, and I stand for a moment, taking it all in. Spring is the loudest season.
  • May’s soundtrack was dominated by a male blackbird, sitting proudly at the top of my neighbour’s fir tree, belting out his entire back catalogue. We may not show our appreciation outwardly, but his efforts have not gone unnoticed. I hope the female blackbirds are equally wowed.
  • As night falls one night at 20.35, I hear the nightingale sing in a nearby tree. We are fortunate to have these birds returning year after year. Their song is extraordinary like the whole orchestra has turned up to play.

I also want to visualise the wonderful flora and fauna I know I will see in June, so here is what I am most looking forward to:

  • Getting the moth trap out again. I’ve had only one go so far, and look forward to trying it in different locations.
  • Awesome alliums. I just love their circles, their jauntiness and their longevity. Purple sensation is already out but others are yet to ‘pop’.
  • The sound of a cuckoo, which has evaded me so far this month.
My front garden in May, spot the alliums yet to pop!

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