Making memories and mood shifters

Some days I feel on top of the world and want to bottle the feeling, to enjoy at my leisure. Other days might be sad or irritable and I can’t wait to go to bed where I can not only slumber but also put an end to the bad mood. Here are my own top tips for savouring the good days, as well as moving on from the bad.

Making the positives last:

  • Tell someone three things you have loved about the day. This is a great way to encourage children and adults to be positive
  • Take a photo and send it to someone
  • Turn a one-off into a tradition. My aunt (pre-covid) used to hold a birthday party for their dog, Dug. We all looked forward to attending.
  • If you want more ideas read Making Memories by Meik Wiking

Ways to shift a bad mood:

  • Tell someone how you are feeling and get outside for some fresh air. It can work wonders, and it’s amazing how much easier it is to perk yourself up when you are surrounded my nature and walking side by side with someone you trust. Even sitting on the door step or by a sunny window can help if you are not up to leaving the house
  • Make boring things fun – such as chores (yes really). Read Ingrid’s blog on this
  • Music! Play tunes from a time when you were at your happiest and let the rhythm and nostalgia take you somewhere more cheerful. I like to play songs from our wedding play list or an acoustic Counting Crows album (my first gig)

Lastly, remember it’s ok not to be ok. We all have bad days and sometimes we need a rant, a good old cry or need to ask a friend or family for some help.

If you feel there are more bad days than good, or your mood is affecting your work or relationships you may need to consider seeking professional help. Speak to your GP or check out the resources on MIND including what to do if you need help now. When I saw a counsellor she said she wanted to move me from abject misery to levels of normal sadness. This has stuck with me, especially when I am having a bit of a wobble.

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