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My nature memoir – The Cactus Surgeon – will be published in Autumn 2021.

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I grew up living next to a garden centre and dreamt of being a Cactus Surgeon!
In London I struggled with depression, burn out and a Functional Movement Disorder
Whilst I was ill I went for a walk and took one good photo every day
Moving back to the North Essex Countryside, my green recovery continued
Find out how to engineer small wonders in your own garden
Mindful gardening for mindful moments

Learn ways to look after yourself and enjoy the world we live in


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Connections, Covid and Christmas lights

I travelled to Houston, Texas with my husband and daughter for Christmas, to stay with my husband’s auntie. We booked tickets before the Omicron variant emerged. In the week before we left, we were indecisive. Should we go? Sentences starting with ‘what if..’ endlessly ran through my mind and filled me with doubt. We veryContinue reading “Connections, Covid and Christmas lights”

grey white clouds

A bad mental health day can sneak up on you

I have climbed the peaks and troughs of mental health over the years. I have had depression and beaten it. I pride myself on the proactive strategies I take to keep mentally well. Two weeks ago I felt happy, energised and well. So, imagine my surprise when on Sunday and Monday last week I feltContinue reading “A bad mental health day can sneak up on you”

How do you beat Autumn fatigue?

Autumn can be a difficult time of year if you are living in the Northern hemisphere. The nights draw in, temperatures drop and some days it feels like maybe the sun has disappeared forever. I recently asked the members of my Cactus Surgeon Group how they combat seasonal affective disorder, and general low mood, inContinue reading “How do you beat Autumn fatigue?”

crowd protesting against climate policy

You can play your part

Reading about climate change can be really depressing. It’s hard to feel like any of us can do anything meaningful. I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been able to do (even as a busy mum, company director and someone who always has too much going on!). I’ve changed my shopping habits. I shopContinue reading “You can play your part”

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