The Cactus Surgeon


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My nature memoir – The Cactus Surgeon – will be published in Autumn 2021.

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I grew up living next to a garden centre and dreamt of being a Cactus Surgeon!
In London I struggled with depression, burn out and a Functional Movement Disorder
Whilst I was ill I went for a walk and took one good photo every day
Moving back to the North Essex Countryside, my green recovery continued
Find out how to engineer small wonders in your own garden
Mindful gardening for mindful moments

Learn ways to look after yourself and enjoy the world we live in


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An Ode to Autumn

I embrace the seasons. As each one fades I am ready for the next to come into view. The flush of excitement as I see something for the first time in months is, for me, simply irresistible. Here are some of the Autumnal sights I most anticipate, with some suggestions of ways you can seekContinue reading “An Ode to Autumn”

Pre-order your copy of The Cactus Surgeon today!

The Cactus Surgeon is now available to order! What’s it about? It’s a nature and health memoir which explores the possible reasons for my burnout and functional neurological disorder. It also investigates my connection with Mother Nature, how that has helped me over the years – in particular through my ‘green recovery’. It’s a bookContinue reading “Pre-order your copy of The Cactus Surgeon today!”

The menopause – something we should all know about

Over the last six months my awareness of how menopause, and perimenopause, can affect women has grown. I’ve learnt that menopause is when your periods stop, and perimenopause is the time before this (can be many years!) when you still have periods but start to experience menopausal symptoms. I have been aware of my ownContinue reading “The menopause – something we should all know about”


I’ve spent the last week in Broad Oak, Sussex on the edge of the High Weald, for a family holiday. It’s more by luck than judgement that we ended up in that spot, after the original booking got unceremoniously cancelled a few months ago. I’m glad it did. The view from our living room hasContinue reading “Space”

Hollyhocks and Heather

My love affair with hollyhocks continues, they must be one of the most cheerful flowers around. Tall and bright they immediately bring a smile to my face. Lots grow in Suffolk, the destination of numerous family holidays and day trips, so they also remind me of being on vacation. They are coming to an endContinue reading “Hollyhocks and Heather”

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