A balanced look at the town vs. country divide

Divide by Anna Jones is a memoir (but so much more!) exploring the many differences between town and country. Each chapter covers a theme – including politics, diversity, food and environment. Anna’s pedigree as a journalist and interviewer shines through. Whilst Anna has lived in both town and country, this book is told much moreContinue reading “A balanced look at the town vs. country divide”

Moving and eye-opening

Sophie is a midwife. And she is also infertile. This moving memoir follows Sophie’s quest to become a mother. She experiences some terrible lows. It’s hard to imagine how anyone can experience traumatic pregnancies whilst also helping mothers bring their new-borns into the world. I’ve read a couple of memoirs which explore similar themes. OneContinue reading “Moving and eye-opening”

An entertaining and educational read for children

I always accept offers to review books about my two favourite topics – nature and health. This time, I’ve been gifted Norah’s Ark by Victoria Williamson. It’s a book for children (around 8-12) and in it we meet Norah and Adam. Their lives couldn’t be more different. Norah is in temporary accommodation on the edgeContinue reading “An entertaining and educational read for children”

Cuddle up to a cosy gardening murder mystery

Every month I am sent details of books I can review, and when Seeds of Murder dropped into my in-box I said yes straight away. I generally go for books which are nature or health-based and this is described as a gardening murder mystery. I also enjoy this type of cosy crime mystery – novelsContinue reading “Cuddle up to a cosy gardening murder mystery”

Deeply moving, and wonderfully researched

It’s my stop on the blog tour for The Low Road by Katherine Quarmby. this read will sit with me for a while – surely the sign of great writing? The book starts off in Norfolk in 1813. After her mother Mary Tyrell is staked through the heart after her death by suicide, Hannah isContinue reading “Deeply moving, and wonderfully researched”

Come take a seat by the fire…

This a gentle and uplifting memoir. Sam intersperses the story of his life with his tales of traversing the West Highland Way. Each passage is fairly short and cleverly leaves you wanting more. Sam is an actor, and the star of Outlander. Before reading I hadn’t seen any of his work (sorry, Sam!) but thisContinue reading “Come take a seat by the fire…”

Read and rejoice!

It’s my stop today on the blog tour for The Invisible Women’s Club by Helen Paris. This five star read celebrates the power of connection and demonstrates the strength women can muster to achieve the impossible. The book’s main character, Janet Pimm, is used to being invisible. 70 something, with her beloved allotment for company,Continue reading “Read and rejoice!”

Frontline Midwife

It’s my stop today on the blog tour for Frontline Midwife by Anna Kent. I was blown away by this book. It is so raw and honest, and I couldn’t put it down. Should they choose to have children, childbirth should be one of the most liberating and empowering moments of a woman’s life. YetContinue reading “Frontline Midwife”

Exploring The Whole Tooth

It’s my stop on the blog tour for The Whole Tooth by Dr Milad Shadrooh, AKA The Singing Dentist. Do check out his videos if you haven’t already! The Whole Tooth is a light-hearted memoir, sharing tales of his life in dentistry, some facts about the industry & your teeth and some of the storiesContinue reading “Exploring The Whole Tooth”

Feeling Blah?

It’s my stop on the blog tour for Feeling Blah by Tanith Carey. Before reading, I had never heard of anhedonia, which is when you feel more bad than good: This book will be useful for people who know they are not depressed but yet feel like they don’t enjoy life as much as theyContinue reading “Feeling Blah?”