The Cactus Surgeon


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My nature memoir – The Cactus Surgeon – will be published in October 2022.

I grew up living next to a garden centre and dreamt of being a Cactus Surgeon!
In London I struggled with depression, burn out and a Functional Movement Disorder
Whilst I was ill I went for a walk and took one good photo every day
Moving back to the North Essex Countryside, my green recovery continued
Find out how to engineer small wonders in your own garden
Mindful gardening for mindful moments

Learn ways to look after yourself and enjoy the world we live in


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Sowing smiles

Is there anything as satisfying as growing plants from seed? Since sowing seeds with my daughter I’ve rediscovered the joys and extra big smiles they bring to my face, as well as hers. In 2018 my daughter collected some seeds from my parent’s garden in Suffolk and ever since we have enjoyed the bright andContinue reading “Sowing smiles”