Celebrating Publication Day!

Today is the day! The Cactus Surgeon has gone from being an idea in my head to now sitting in people’s hands.

So where can you pick up a copy? It’s on sale at Perrywood Tiptree and Perrywood Sudbury (of course!). It will be on sale at Red Lion Books in Colchester very soon. You can still order copies via my website. It’s also on Amazon and a whole host of other online book retailers, but I’d much rather you ordered it via your nearest local bookshop if you can.

On sale at Perrywood Tiptree

Some lucky people have received it in the post this week, and were sent an extra treat – one of my plant babies! I have gifted them a seedling of the ‘mother-of-thousands’ plant or kalanchoe, which grows baby plants on it’s leaves. Here is how to look after it.

p.s. I made a mistake and told them all it was the ‘pass-it-on’ plant which is a pilea. Another whoops! You’ll understand this once you’ve read the book.

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