Pre-order your copy of The Cactus Surgeon today!

The Cactus Surgeon is now available to order!

What’s it about? It’s a nature and health memoir which explores the possible reasons for my burnout and functional neurological disorder. It also investigates my connection with Mother Nature, how that has helped me over the years – in particular through my ‘green recovery’. It’s a book of mindful moments, savouring the small wonders of nature.

I wrote it to help others – to raise awareness of functional neurological disorder and because every time I open up and tell my story it encourages somebody else to ask for help. I spent years asking ‘why me’, but these days I say ‘why not me?’. It’s a story of hope and recovery, and most of all acceptance.

What will you get out of reading it?

  • Learn about functional neurological disorder (FND) which affects more people than MS and Parkinsons
  • Enjoy my whistle stop tour of growing up living next to a garden centre, working and partying in noughties London and returning to the Essex countryside as an adult
  • Find some ways to bring mindful moments and small wonders of nature into your life, which is so beneficial for mental health – and enjoyable too!
  • Be soothed by my full-page nature photos, which document the importance of nature during my Essex lock-down
  • Includes my personal bibliography of nature and health books, which have helped me over the years
  • It’s also the perfect gift – for nature-lovers, Perrywood Garden Centre fans and anyone who might be fed up of feeling unwell

I’ll be sending out some extra gifts with the first 100 orders, and am currently offering a discount if you’d like to buy two copies.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and order, or share this blog with a friend who might be interested.

Playing with ice during lockdown – one of the full-page photos from the book

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