How do you beat Autumn fatigue?

Autumn can be a difficult time of year if you are living in the Northern hemisphere. The nights draw in, temperatures drop and some days it feels like maybe the sun has disappeared forever.

I recently asked the members of my Cactus Surgeon Group how they combat seasonal affective disorder, and general low mood, in Autumn/Winter. They gave some fabulous suggestions:

  • Helen C – I like to get out with the dog and take deep breaths as the colder air wakes me up. I also like to make stews and casseroles as I like the thought of cosy meals
  • Louise – I focus on the Hygge idea. I particularly love coming into a warm cosy house and lighting candles and the fire after a cold dark dog walk, something you can only appreciate during the winter months. I also love going out first thing and seeing the frost sparkling.
  • Helen J – For me it is sticking to a daily routine of getting out for 30 minutes in the daylight, doing my affirmations, eating nice comforting but healthy food. It’s work in progress but it helps!
  • Eleanor – I love my Lumie light for getting up in the morning. I’ve noticed a massive difference reintroducing it into my routine
  • Sarah – Going outside is really important for me. It lifts my mood every time. I’m lucky to live near the sea so that helps 🤩
  • Victoria – My team can be in control of our working hours if we choose to exercise that control. So we try to block 12 ‘til 2 every day for no meetings in the winter so people can get outside in the daylight hours and exercise more safely etc. Tiny tweak that doesn’t negatively impact productivity and makes a difference to sense of work/life fit.
  • Simon – Remember that spring will be here before you know it and with it will be the longer days. Get outside as often as you can and if there’s one of those nice, bright, winter days take your coat and jumper off and soak up the sun on your arms.
  • Jens – I take a walk! I take a walk in nature. I take a walk in the sunshine, even if it is winterlow, to get some light in my eyes. There is nothing I can’t walk away. And it even fill me up with great gratitude. 🙂
  • Amanda – Cheeky answer…go somewhere sunny and hot for a holiday!
  • Leila – I have to say that’s a tough one. Our winter climate is mild but characterized by very heavy rain most of the winter! (It’s what makes our British Columbia trees grow so tall! 🌲) So we are sure to rush outside the second it stops and get some fresh air! Always a mood lifter!
  • Several people also suggested Vitamin D supplements

I’d love to hear more tips. I have already taken some of these on board, and I know others will too. Please comment on this post, or drop me an email with your top tips. I’ll add them here!

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