Are we ever ‘fixed’?

I’m just one of the many writers who has penned a memoir saying something like, hey, I had something terrible happen to me but I’m ok now and you can be too.

The reality is that none of us is ever completely fixed are we? Granted those writers who are in remission from cancer or who have been completely cured of a terrible affliction, might argue with that one. But deep down they know that we are all works in progress, physically and mentally. Good physical and mental health comes and goes. Those of us who have had a brush with something unpleasant will never take those good periods of health for granted again.

It’s twenty-one years since I got depressed after a series of bereavements.

It’s thirteen years since I suffered from burnout and functional neurological disorder and had to take six months off work to recover.

It’s two years and a few months since we learnt about C19 and went into lockdown, and since I was gripped with panic about the future.

It’s nearly one year since I finished writing my book, The Cactus Surgeon, in which I lay bare my health challenges over the years, in a bid to help other people going through something similar.

I still work hard on my mental health self-care and I am still yet to motivate myself to get fitter! I have joined a tai chi class recently, so that’s a start. There is always more to do, but I’m happy with where I am at the moment.

Wherever you are in the mental and physical health rollercoaster, I hope you have the support you need around you. Do drop me a line and tell me where you are this World Wellbeing Week.

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